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Dishcloths & Scrubbies

Each dishcloth pictured is an example of the style of dishcloth you can order. Please be sure when ordering your dishcloths to specify which style you want (by stating the number), and 2 colors you would like (specify your first and second choice, I will do my best to honor your first color choice). I will be in touch with you within 24-48 hours letting you know the status of your order.
As always, if your favorite style is not listed below, feel free to send me a description or picture of what you would like. I am very flexible and look forward to hearing from you! 

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Scrubbies are a great way to scrub that nasty grime off your dishes that a simple dishcloth just can't handle. They come in sizes small and large (3in diameter, and 5in diameter). They come in a variety of colors: hot pink, light pink, dark purple, light purple, royal blue, light blue, light green, lime green, white, yellow, and red. Contact me to place an order and be sure to specify small or large, and the colors you would like.


                                                            small scrubbies